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Water Coolers / Drinking Fountains

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Maestro produces quality water coolers ranging from bottle water coolers , through mains-fed POU’s, pressure water coolers, direct chill units, to higher capacity machines.

Most of Maestro’s refrigerated water fountains can be fitted with a carbon taste filter. The cartridge only needs changing 6 monthly. There are choices of faucets offering glass fillers, cup fillers, bottle fillers, carafe fillers, some of which are heavy duty as vandal-resistant.

In conjunction with IFI, Maestro has developed perhaps the only made wall-mounted wheel-chair accessible water coolers and drinking fountains made in the UK.

Styles of water coolers and drinking fountains ranges from floorstanding through to wall-mounted drinking fountains and coolers, includes remote water coolers with varying capacities. We even offer some semi-recessed models fabricated entirely in quality stainless steel.

The company also makes non-refrigerated drinking fountains, which are sold to schools, colleges, parks, golf courses and other leisure facilities. Some of Maestro’s drinking fountains could be seen in the new Heathrow Terminal 5 building.

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Maestro fields a nationwide team of skilled service engineers. Regionally based and employed directly by us, this team can both guide you in the practical choice of water cooler model and provide a full menu of after-sales service, either as part of our warranty work or as optional extras.

Optional Extras

Site inspections
We are happy to make on-site visits to assess the most suitable model(s) prior to raising a final quotation. Our recommendations will be based on overall running costs, rather than price alone, likely user traffic levels, the logistics of the location and traffic flows, availability of plumbing services (if appropriate), availability of space, Health & Safety, hygiene or infection control issues.
Where a larger site or multi-site organisation with many non-Maestro coolers is considering a switch to Maestro, we can (in conjunction with our Area Managers) undertake a full site audit and thereby ensuring that our customer is in possession of a finite database of specific cooler locations.

Your water cooler is covered for both parts and labour breakdown throughout the warranty period.

We undertake sanitisation-only contracts on both bottle type and plumbed water coolers. Our engineers hold E.P.D.W.A. certificates.

Preventative maintenance
It is a common misunderstanding to confuse sanitisation with preventative maintenance. Maestro’s approach to servicing makes a distinct difference.
Our water coolers are renowned for their long working life cycles – by ensuring that all parts and processes are in good working order, and that the water cooler is in optimum working order, that cycle is even further extended. In doing so the water cooler’s true whole-life cost is lowered.
We offer a full menu of preventative maintenance costs and can cater for any combination of parts, labour, sanitisation, filter cartridge changes or contract periods.

On-site hourly rates
If you do not wish to commit to a service contract, we offer the facility of hourly on-site rates with parts chargeable.

PAT testing
We are aware that much of your time can be taken up by having to undertake legally required PAT tests. Our engineers hold certification and will PAT test any Maestro cooler for which our customer has a sanitisation or preventative maintenance contract. There is no additional charge for this.

Technical advice
Working in conjunction with our technical and product development teams, our engineers can often provide advice on any unusual issues over and above those covered above.

Hook up and commissioning of coolers (plumbed coolers)
Where the required services are brought in by our customer, we can arrange for the final plumbing hook-up to be made, along with the commissioning of that water cooler. If the water cooler has been installed by the customer or their contractor, we can still provide peace of mind by undertaking a commissioning-only service.

Work on non-Maestro machines
Where feasible, we are happy to arrange limited contracts on non-Maestro water coolers. Please note that a site inspection by our engineer will be required prior to quoting.

Disposing of coolers
When a Maestro water cooler finally reaches the end of its working life, it will be removed without charge. As much as possible of it and its parts will be sent for recycling as per the W.E.E.E. regulations. Maestro is registered on an Environment Agency approved scheme which ensures we comply with these regulations.

Easy access
One simple call to our Service Desk will enable you to access any of these services:

Tel.: 020 8670 2000

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