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Maestro Pressure Coolers

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Water Coolers, Bottled Water Coolers And Plumbed-In Water Coolers

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Maestro produces quality water coolers ranging from bottle water dispensers,mains-fed POU’s, Drinking water fountains, direct chill units,and higher capacity machines. Maestro pressure coolers range of refrigerated water fountains can be fitted with a carbon taste filter. The cartridge only needs changing every 6 months. There are various options in terms of taps and bottle fillers .Some of which are heavy duty / vandal-resistant. Maestro pressure coolers also offer a range of wheel chair accessible drinking water fountains as indorsed by the ADA

Styles of water coolers and drinking fountains range from floorstanding through to wall-mounted drinking fountains and coolers, including remote water coolers with varying capacities. We even offer some semi-recessed models fabricated entirely in quality stainless steel.

The company also makes non-refrigerated drinking fountains, which are sold to schools, colleges, parks, golf courses and other leisure facilities. Some of Maestro’s drinking fountains can be seen in the new Heathrow Terminal 5 building.

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WRAS Approved
Maestro's GREEN credentials...

Green gas only
We only use CFC free refrigerant gas in all of our water coolers

Energy consumption
Most of Maestro’s water coolers use little more energy than that of a 60 watt light bulb

Product life cycles
With minimum levels of maintenance, our water coolers will provide surprisingly long working lives; good for the environment – good for your spend budgets

Safe disposal
When it is finally time to replace your Maestro water cooler, we will dispose of it safely and totally in line with current W.E.E.E. regulations. Everything that can be recycled will be. Maestro has joined an Environment Agency approved disposal scheme, the cost of which will be funded by us not our customers. How do we achieve this?

We love to recycle
By constantly re-appraising our waste disposal policy we discover more and more ways to re-cycle. By re-cycling more, our standard waste collections cost less. We ensure that wherever possible our packaging components, our plastic bottles and even our cups themselves contain maximum levels of recycled material.

Air pollution and fuel consumption
We keep a close eye on our bottled water delivery service. We offer price discounts for customers happy to take larger and less frequent deliveries. Where more frequent deliveries are required, we ensure the right size of vehicle is used. We have now set up a network of locally based satellite depots to reduce our weekly mileage.

Even smaller carbon footprints
Maestro has now embarked on a unique and exciting programme of product developments that has, and will continue to, ensure ongoing carbon reductions for many years to come.

Over the years, Maestro has created products that are necessary to fulfil our customers’ needs. Many’s a time when a model has been manufactured because of specific circumstances.

Our Jubilee series of water coolers do not require a drain, simply a water supply. Maestro’s JJ179 has a drip-tray overflow reservoir to overcome this problem. In order to prevent wet floors, there is an automatic water cut-off that can be reversed when the reservoir is emptied. Because the JJ179 [originally JJ3], was such a popular design, there is now a model JJ178 that can be connected to a drain. These models are already fitted with our AP4 filter that improves both water quality at the same time removing particles down to half a micron.

The more conventional fully-plumbed-in water coolers like modelSMJ823, WJ260 or ever-popular Euro series model EJ186 are known for their reputation for reliability and longevity.

Maestro’s Hide-Away water coolers can be fitted remotely from the faucet or fountain served. Models CH236 and CH666 are a cube design and built specially to fit under a sink unit. Models MH5 and MH9 provide high capacities with a choice of feeding more than one outlet.

The new GM9 carbon taste filter has a 36,000L NSF rating. Numerous choices of faucets are available from the standard bubbler to the heavy duty HD1.

Maestro’s mains-fed POU water coolers are ideal for small offices. Maestro recently introduced models NPF200 and NPT300 which can produce more cold water than their conventional counterparts. These Premium POU’s are fitted with the AP4 filter and have drip-tray overflow reservoir. They need to be sanitized regularly by our service team, who even perform this service on other well-known brands.

Our Prima Vera® division provides water to such prestigious organisations as NHS hospitals, City of London Corp., CPS, and many other public and private enterprises.

Maestro’s drinking fountains are all non-refrigerated and can be placed inside and outdoors. Our Fibrotrace® fountains are corrosion-resistant and can be sited in sauna or swimming pool areas.

Maestro Pressure Coolers

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